• Fiskars

    Fiskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener

    Keep all your scissors functioning at their best. Our Desktop Scissors Sharpener makes it easy to keep all your scissors sharp for clean cuts. Simply insert a scissors with the Fiskars logo facing...
  • Fiskars

    Fiskars Finnish Seamstress Shears

    Choose the premium performance scissors to perfect your art. Our Seamstress Scissors are the perfect all-purpose scissors for anyone who cuts fabric frequently. The smooth action of these...
  • Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe (17")


    Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe (17")

    Get more one-strike splits with a perfect balance of power, speed and accuracy – includes a heavy-duty sheath. Perfect as a secondary axe for quick jobs, the X11 is designed for easy...
  • Fiskars

    Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe (28")

    Split larger logs in one strike with an axe that maximizes your efficiency and includes a heavy-duty sheath. The X25 Splitting Axe is a great choice for anyone who needs to split medium- to...
  • Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe (36")


    Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe (36")

    Perfect for taller users, this axe maximizes efficiency for more one-strike splits and includes a heavy-duty sheath. Ideal for taller users or anyone who prefers a longer axe, our much-requested X27...
  • Fiskars X7 14" Hatchet


    Fiskars X7 14" Hatchet

    Get more done faster with a hatchet that chops deeper on every swing and includes a heavy-duty sheath. Another easy-to-carry choice perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the X7 Hatchet...