About Us


The staple J&W Discount store, opened in 1994 in Jacksonville’s Murray Hill neighborhood, was purchased by Real Estate entrepreneur Michael Danhour in 2017 and renovated in 2018 with the aim of offering quality, US-made-or-marketed goods to the area’s gentrifying clientele. Mr. Danhour’s projects range from agricultural land development on the North Shore of Hawaii to residential communities in Florida.

Aiming to make J&W a household name, Danhour has plans to open additional retail stores in Florida, as well as to launch ShopJandW.com as an e-commerce portal with an eventual mall-like format to feature passion-focused niche outlets like active-lifestyle, gadgets, podcasting, health, and more. In the meantime, he is focused on expanding the diversity and quality of the products offered at J&W, as well as improving the communities in which his stores reside.


The 25-foot spiral vortex mural commissioned by Michael Danhour and created by local artists Brenda Kato and Mary Allegretti, “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” adorns J&W’s north-facing wall, alongside University of North Florida student Meredith Sullivan’s colorful display of jellyfish.

“The new owner of J&W Discount Store, Michael Danhour, has done a great job improving the appearance of the large older building which now will be a cherished landmark.”



When asked what inspired him to buy an ailing salvage store, Danhour replied, “What I love about this place is it’s a treasure hunt.” Danhour intends to stick with that theme in the original location, remodeling the interior to support his vision for creative niches within the general merchandise retailer. 



  • Brick & Mortar Retail—it’s no secret that most physical stores are in decline, so we’re thinking outside the box by combining the treasure-hunt appeal of the historic J&W with carefully curated, often seasonal merchandise intended to inspire folks to stop in regularly. We’ve hired the best local agencies to evaluate the results of ads and, coupled with ShopJandW.com, are deploying localized social media campaigns to compare sell-through.

  • ShopJandW.com—launched in 2018, our website aims to expand upon the curated, seasonal merchandise offered in our stores, while analyzing traffic and trends with big data applications ported from Real Estate. New retail websites are like grains of sand on a beach, so our plan is to capitalize on superior resources, technology, and available warehousing to grow inventory such that by 2020 ShopJandW.com becomes a mall-like hub for future retail brands like Loud Music, ShopTheHunt, LiveLifeActive, with curated, cultural content geared toward special-interest communities. We're already achieving success with hyper-focused social advertising strategies.

  • B2B— the extensive network of commercial Real Estate operations among our managing partners has opened a world of industrial, contractor, government, maintenance, and installation sales opportunities. We take pride in sourcing the best solutions for each opportunity and working closely with our manufacturer and integrator partners to ensure seamless transactions that build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.